Complimentary Skin Analysis with Senior Beauty Therapist Abbi!

Perfect skin... it's what we all want, so why is it so hard to achieve?

From hormones to diet, to changes in the weather to physical activity.. we have a lot to consider when we try to maintain, cleanse and heal our skin.

Our skin is our largest organ, and so we should take great care of it. Yet most of the time we don't drink enough water, use the wrong products, not follow a consistent skincare routine or neglect a proper diet that nourishes our beloved skin.

So it's about time to inject some TLC!

Abbi our Senior Beauty Therapist at Boho Hair & Body LOVES everything skin, and is passionate about holistic health and skincare. Abbi has over HOW MANY YEARS of industry experience and expertise, and has......

Abbi offers new clients a Complimentary Skin Analysis, where she works with new clients on identifying their unique skin concerns to work in addressing the underlying concerns. From blemishes, fine lines, dryness and uneven skin tone, Abbi analyses a new client's skin type, skin conditions and determines the best course of treatment, both during the consultation and with home-based product use.

Offering a personalised skin analysis and treatment plan, Abbi will work with you in developing a timeline in achieving your personal skincare goals. She'll be your helping hand and trusted advisor along the way!

Abbi is kind, caring, welcoming and super bubbly, so if you're looking for a Beauty Therapist who goes above and beyond to support you and offers EXCEPTIONAL service, you can't beat our wonderful Therapist Abbi.

Book your Complimentary Skin Analysis now:

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