Boho Hair use the 'Pure' range of products blended with naturally derived ingredients which have been carefully researched to substitute more traditional synthetic ingredients. The aim is to develop a safer, more gentle, environmentally friendly hair care regime.

The commitment 'Pure' makes, is to minimise the impact of the 'Pure' range on the environment without compromising the quality of  products, packaging and supporting collateral. This extends to 'Pure's'  brochures and posters which are printed on carbon neutral, 100% recycled paper that is processed in a chlorine free environment. Soy inks are used in the printing of all of  marketing collateral, & these inks are made from soybeans as opposed to the traditional petroleum-based ink, making them more environmentally friendly and the paper easier to recycle.

Packaging choices are also made with consideration to environmental impact. Plastics used in bottles and tubes are 100% recyclable, this means they are safe to put in your recycling bin and will go on to be made into other plastic products. Where possible 'Pure' deliberately use only primary packaging, eliminating the need for outer boxes and therefore eliminating unnecessary waste.

Pure's sulphate free, paraben free range is formulated to help protect both you and the environment. 

If bees to - we go too!

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